Digital Asset Management Learning Resources

Many great resources are available to help you learn more about Digital Asset Management. Below are some favorites.

DAM Guru Program Member Webinars

DAM Guru Program members recently started offering their expertise in these free digital asset management educational webinars. All member webinars are entirely free of commercial sales pitches, so you can learn without having to reach for your wallet.

How the Semantic Web Will Affect Digital Asset Management

  • Demian Hess, Director of DAM & Publishing Systems for Avalon Consulting
  • Margaret Warren, Owner of Metadata Authoring Systems
  • Tim Strehle, Software Architect for Digital Collections Verlagsgesellschaft

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DAM Workflows: From Content Creation to Long-Term Storage

Corey Chimko of Cornell University

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Smart Metadata

Carsten Hesse of Six Offene Systeme GmbH

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DAM and Digital Preservation” 

Emily Kolvitz of JCPenney

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Essential DAM Planning for Museums

Susan Barrett of Arizona State University

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DAM ROI Methodologies

Kimberlee Bush of Evergreene Graphics

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Color Management Strategies for DAM

Oliver Häuser of FHCon

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DAM in Commercial Photography Environments

Bob Hendriks of In Transit Images

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Brand Management and DAM in Higher Education

Peter Graham of Cambridge University

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Digital Asset Management Webinars

  • Lisa Grimm, Director of DAM at Novartis
  • Ian Matzen MLIS, Digital Asset Manager, blogger
  • Henrik de Gyor, consultant, writer and owner of Another DAM Podcast
  • Ralph Windsor, Editor of DAM News

Moderator: Frank DeCarlo, CEO of RPR Graphics

“DAM Shootout: Cloud (SaaS) vs. Onsite” takes an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both deployment methods, as they relate to digital asset management software. Lincoln Howell (Belden) defends the Cloud, while Heath Norton (Northern Arizona University) tells why onsite was the best decision for him.

“Metadata Myths and Madness!” features John Horodyski speaking about metadata best practices, the value of metadata standards and more.

“DAM and the Tao of Taxonomy” features David Riecks speaking about the advantages of the proper use of taxonomy and controlled vocabularies in digital asset management software.

Even the best-planned digital asset management systems can become difficult to use over time. Policies lapse, users get lazy, and DAM managers come and go. No matter what the cause, a DAM that’s become cumbersome does no one any good and it must be tamed. This webinar feautures DAM managers from Harley-Davidson, who explain the troubles they’ve seen, and offer solutions that worked for them.

As more people share more content across social networks, the issue of who owns that content becomes increasingly important. Find out how the business practices of social networks mixed with pending (and current) global legislation could create the “perfect storm” of copyright-free chaos.

Are you single-handedly responsible for making the digital asset management initiative at your organization fly? Some DAM managers are lucky to have large DAM teams, while others have to do it all on their own. Do you have what it takes to become one of these DAM Superheroes?

What were you doing in 1990? Chances are, you weren’t involved with Digital Asset Management, because it hadn’t yet been invented. Jennifer Neumann is most often credited for changing that, and now she’s going to tell you all about it.