DAM Guru Program Benefits (All Free!)

DAM Guru Program (DGP) has been connecting digital asset management professionals with those who need their help, guidance and advice, since early 2012. In that time, thousands of signups from around the world have made DGP the world’s largest Digital Asset Management community of its kind.

DAM Guru Program member benefits include:

  • Member matching — Looking for someone who can offer help with a particular DAM system, or who can offer industry-specific career advice for aspiring DAM professionals? Your DGP manager will search the membership database for members who match your needs and who are willing to offer help. You’ll receive an email with contact information so you can start making connections—your contact information will not be shared.
  • Job matching — In addition to offering a digital asset management jobs boards, DGP connects hiring employers with suitable candidates. All you do is indicate on your profile that you’re interesting in hearing about what’s available. When a match comes in, we’ll tell you. We never share member contact info with employers without your permission.
  • Question broadcasts — If you have a specific question, such as, “I’m looking for info from people who have experience with MediaBeacon, Cumulus and Picturepark,” your DGP manager will broadcast that query to members who might be able to help.
  • Member profiles — DGP publishes interviews with members who are interested in sharing their digital asset management professional experience. Tell your story, offer advice, and get a nice new link for your resume.
  • Article series — From time to time, we assemble authoring teams that work together to publish articles that focus on a particular topic. Sometimes we publish the posts on the DGP website and sometimes they get posted on other websites. Either way, it’s a great way to showcase your expertise and collaborate with other DGP members.
  • Member webinars — Members who have expertise in specific areas can host webinars to educate others. All logistics for the webinars are handled by DGP. You just figure out what you want to say and log in when it’s time to broadcast. Recorded webinars are posted on YouTube as an archive of digital asset management knowledge.
  • LinkedIn discussion group — A private LinkedIn discussion group enables members to communicate with one another directly.
  • DAM Meetup assistance — We help members who are setting up local Meetup by spreading the word and reaching out to local members that might be interested. We also promote upcoming meetings that our members tell us about.
  • Event promotion — If you’ll be presenting at an upcoming trade show or other event, or you’ve recently published a book or other content about a DAM-related topic, let your DGP manager know and we’ll promote it.

Best of all, all DGP member services are free of charge. Combine that with no cost for membership and it becomes clear that DGP membership is all upside.

Within the DGP community are professionals with backgrounds in Digital Asset Management, Library Science, Content Management, Information Technology and more. All the DAM-related bases are covered, and all backgrounds are welcomed. We have members all over the world, speaking more than 10 languages.

What Makes DAM Guru Program Unique?

DAM Guru Program was designed to enable the DAM community to educate itself, free from the influence of sales agendas. DAM Guru Program was created by DAM Survival Guide author, David Diamond. Diamond won the 2013 “DAMMY of the Year” for educational contributions made to the DAM community, which included DAM Guru Program.

DAM Guru Program was started by, and remains sponsored by Picturepark, creators of the global #LearnDAM initiative. All DGP operations are isolated from Picturepark sales operations, so members are never contacted by Picturepark sales teams, nor is membership data shared with anyone.

There is no other online DAM community like DAM Guru Program. You’ll find the help you need here, among some of the nicest people in all of Digital Asset Management.

Here’s a link to DGP-related articles published by the DAM News organization, which is in no way affiliated with DAM Guru Program.



You’ll receive a link to provide more information about the help you need or the help you can provide. Then we’ll take it from there. You can remove yourself from the program at any time, without any obligation or hassle.