Frequently Asked Questions

DAM Guru Program Basics

After you join, we send you a link to a form you can use to provide more information about your needs or experience. When someone asks for help via our question form, we’ll try to find a match in our database of members. If we cannot find a match, we’ll search the world to find one. Once we have a few matches, we send the help requester a list of those people. The person requesting help is always in charge—personal details are never shared without permission.

In addition to the member-match services for which the program is best known, DAM Guru Program also features members in digital asset management experience profiles and member-hosted webinars. An ongoing digital asset management job fair is available, and the program will alert job-seeking members about DAM jobs that are advertised. There is also a LinkedIn discussion group for DAM Guru Program members to exchange tips and ideas in a more social setting that is free from the commercial solicitations found in other such groups.

More benefits details are available on the signup page.

DAM Guru Program participation is free for everyone. There is no cost or obligation.

Sign up for DAM Guru Program at Leave the program at any time by sending an email to your program manager, whom you’ll hear from once you join.

When help is needed, we will broadcast recurring announcements via Twitter: @DAMGuru. We will also make one-time announcements via the DAM Guru Program blog:

DAM Guru Program Membership

Anyone who needs help with digital asset management, anyone who has help to offer, or anyone who is looking to hire a DAM professional for a currently open position. Employees of DAM software vendors or DAM service providers are welcome to join if they have genuine digital asset management experience to offer. DAM Guru Program is not a sales tool for anyone. Members who try to use the program for lead generation or business development will be terminated.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable about all topics related to DAM, but do we do require that you have some experience in at least one relevant area. For example, you might have taken part in planning a DAM initiative at your place of work, or you might have experience installing or integrating specific DAM software. Or, you might be a librarian or archivist who can offer advice on taxonomy best-practices, whether or not they are related to DAM software.

More benefits details are available on the signup page.

Yes. After you join, you may use our question form to describe what you’re after. When members join, they are asked if they are interested in hearing about open positions. Those who are will be notified of newly announced positions.

When you join, you’ll receive an email that includes an email address you can notify to remove yourself from the program. You will not be hassled for asking to leave the program, and you may rejoin at any time.

DAM Guru Program Member Relationships

Some experienced members might charge for their help or services. When submitting questions, you will be given the opportunity to choose to receive help from any member, or just those who don’t charge. Please note that some members offer free consultation advice but charge for their services. Make sure you fully understand any agreements you make with others in the program.

Members negotiate their own agreements. DAM Guru Program only plays "match maker."

Problems and Concerns

We encourage members to report to their program manager any problems they have with other members.

If you feel another member's sole interest in "helping" you was to try to sell you something, please report that to your program manager. "Sales Guru" is not a membership option for this program.

Yes. If you need to reduce the amount of help you offer, or entirely suspend yourself from the program during a busy period or extended break from work, just let your program manager know.

Relationships between members are entirely separate from DAM Guru Program. We have no authority over anyone who joins the program, and we participate in no way with any contracts or financial agreements entered into by members. If we have recurring complaints about a member, we will investigate and, if warranted, remove that person from the program.

DAM Guru Program members will be occasionally notified about program information only. No sales or promotional materials will be sent. Please note that when you connect with another DAM Guru Program member, please explicitly ask that you not be added to their mailing lists if you don’t want to be.

About DAM Guru Program

It is not. DAM Guru Program is an honest, sincere effort to connect people within the Digital Asset Management community.

DAM Guru Program was originally conceived, created and funded by Picturepark in 2013 and was managed separately from Picturepark's sales operations. In 2020, the program was transferred to Daydream.

We ask members who claim to be "gurus" for evidence of the knowledge they claim. Though we cannot guarantee a member will always offer good advice, we do our best to weed out those here for the wrong reasons. If one program member suspects another is not able to offer valuable advice, we encourage the program member to notify his or her program manager.

Yes. Articles that provide genuine digital asset management educational content, and that are not software-centric or self-promoting will be considered for the blog. Please contact your DAM Guru Program manager for consideration, or email

Organizations seeking to hire DAM professionals may sign up and we will do our best to make a match. This, however, is not the primary purpose of the program. We provide job announcements as a service to members, not as a service to recruiters or employers.

Please promote DAM Guru Program to your customers and friends.