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Guru Talk: Angie Taylor – Primrose Schools

Posted on Aug 22 by

Angie is brand new to the digital asset management industry, but armed with her recent certification in digital asset management, from The DAM Foundation, she already knows one...


Guru Call: Germany

Posted on Aug 14 by

Looking for a Digital Librarian and/or Digital Asset Management professional in Germany. DGP member is seeking to fill a 6 month contract (on-site 3 days a week) with a Pharma...


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Aug 10 by

Looking for a Guru in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Member is seeking answers to questions about a specific digital asset management system provided by North Plains. DGP...


New DAM Events Calendar

Posted on Jul 26 by

DAM Guru Program has launched a free DAM events calendar to offer the global community a one-stop portal to find events, meetups, expos and conferences for: Digital asset...


New DAM Book: Metadata for Content Management

Posted on Jul 19 by

DAM Guru Program creator, David Diamond, has released a new book entitled, Metadata for Content Management. It’s David’s first book release since DAM Survival Guide, back in 2012.