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Guru Talk: Joshua Meyer – KieranTimberlake

Posted on Nov 23 by

Joshua explains that adopting new technologies that integrate with a digital asset management system have their benefits, but also can be cause for new and unforeseen issues....


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Oct 29 by

Looking for a Guru in Minnesota area. Member seeking general advice on digital asset management for video archiving and retrieval. Member is interested in the DAM...


Guru Talk: Kim Phillips – Bass Pro Shops

Posted on Oct 5 by

Kim knows that the rollout of a digital asset management system can make or break it with the end users. She offers some great tips with regard to introducing a new DAM system...


Guru Talk: Monica Brady – Allied Vaughn

Posted on Aug 31 by

When it comes to successfully securing and growing a digital asset management system in the corporate world, Monica knows to get the support of multiple departments and to listen...