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Guru Talk: Greg Crowson – RE/MAX

Posted on Jul 28 by

Having spent the past 7 years in the DAM industry, working with Sports Authority and RE/MAX, Crowson understands that in order to achieve success, you must never stop learning....


Guru Call: Hungary

Posted on Jul 25 by

Looking for a Guru in Hungary or EU region.  Newbie is looking for help with program basics and big picture options. Familiar with Canto and Alfresco products, but open to other...


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Jul 23 by

Looking for a Guru in VA, USA.  Member is new to DAM and would like to know the basics of taxonomy. Member is also seeking a comprehensive course in DAM education....


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Jul 16 by

Looking for a Guru in NY, USA. Member is a media conservator for a private collection of time-based media art, such as film, analog video, and digital video. Member is currently...


Guru Talk: Nick Pozek – Asia Society

Posted on Jul 14 by

Guru Talk – Nick Pozek: With a profound respect for the informational dimension of DAM, Pozek has learned that having a mentor is invaluable in connecting technology with...