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Guru Call: USA

Posted on Oct 27 by

Looking for a Guru in NY, USA. Member is seeking advice about implementing, enhancing or upgrading a current DAM system. Needs assistance in proper taxonomy structures and...


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Oct 23 by

Looking for a Guru in VA, USA. Member is new to digital asset management and would like to know the basics of taxonomy. This member is also seeking information about any...


Guru Call: India

Posted on Oct 17 by

Looking for a Guru in India/Asia region.  Member is seeking knowledge about video archiving for a news broadcast system. Signup: http://damguru.com/signup...


Guru Talk: Kristy Smith – SBC Advertising

Posted on Oct 13 by

When building a digital asset management system, Smith knows it’s most effective to start small and do what makes sense to your organization. What companies/organizations...


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Oct 9 by

Looking for a Guru in CA, USA. Member is seeking an informational interview for Digital Asset Management as a service of video production and editing for broadcast....