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Guru Call: USA

Posted on Oct 1 by

Looking for a Guru in MO, USA. Member seeks assistance with best practices in managing assets for video production. Member uses Storage DNA as an archive system and would like...


Guru Talk: Irina Guseva – DAM Counselor

Posted on Sep 29 by

Having the benefit of exposure to many different digital asset management systems, Guseva understands that success is more often measured by the value a company places on the...


Guru Call: Canada

Posted on Sep 25 by

Looking for a Guru in Canada. Member is new to the digital asset management field and looking for resources to help navigate through the multitude of DAM systems. Seeking general...


Guru Talk: Sid Anand – Accenture

Posted on Sep 22 by

Relatively new to the industry of Digital Asset Management, Anand still understands that technology does not fix people/process problems; rather you must first educate the user...


Guru Call: USA

Posted on Sep 17 by

Looking for a Guru in USA, Midwest region. Member is in the early stages of exploring a University digital asset management solution. Looking for insights from experts in the...