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Digital Collections Assistant

Colorado College

Serves as a member of the collections team in the museum and participates in the work of planning, organizing, and facilitating the museum’s digitization project, Open Collections; works with tasks involving inventorying, moving, tracking, and condition reporting on objects to be included in the digitization project, as well as data entry, metadata vetting and correction, and project assessment and reporting.


  • Schedule and coordinate digitization project at the direction of the registrars; participate in day-to-day operational decision-making.
  • Coordinate retrieval of objects and associated materials for photography: inventory objects and verify correct associated information; perform object handling; create condition reports.
  • Track, archive, upload, and store digital objects, including their metadata, in an ongoing manner to update and manage the TMS system.
  • Coordinate logistics and develop data workflows with the photographer regarding the capture, quality control, transfer, and optimization of image data and objects.
  • Collaborate with Registrar, Curators, and other staff to ensure appropriateness of information.
  • Collaborate with museum and library staff to ensure proper application of descriptive metadata standards.
  • Perform data entry as directed by registrars and curators.
  • Maintain accurate records and conduct assessments of digitization project progress.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Support and actively contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity, inclusion and equity at Colorado College and work effectively with all members of the campus community.
  • Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following college procedures; and participating in appropriate safety training.
  • Demonstrate environmental sustainability by using college resources wisely and supporting the college’s sustainability initiatives and innovation.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of one year of experience handling objects;
  • knowledge of collections practices in the fine arts;
  • highly organized, flexible, and comfortable with digital data;
  • excellent attention to detail and accuracy;
  • ability to work well independently and prioritize;
  • ability to effectively collaborate with a professional staff, students, and faculty.
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