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Digital Asset Manager

HH Global

Responsible for identifying, uploading, and assigning descriptive metadata for brand assets into company digital asset management (DAM) tool.

Must be able to review and assess collections that include images and video, create relationships, and have a basic understanding of digital rights management (DRM).

Ideal candidate will have experience with media files including the ability to differentiate between raw and derivatives including video compressions. Responsible for indexing portable hard drives and relating index information in the DAM.

Understanding of taxonomy and metadata standards to enhance search functionality.

Basic understanding of archival principles is helpful.


Three years of experience using a DAM tool (doesn’t matter which one) with flexibility to learn a new system.

Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are required. Must have the ability to communicate promptly, professionally, clearly in person and via written correspondence.

Must be able to demonstrate a strong attention to detail and be able to enter data using correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Experience using the Adobe Creative suite.

Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

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