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Digital Asset Manager

Tailored Brands
Job Description

Tailored Brands, Inc.’s purpose is to help our customers love how they look. We accomplish this by providing a personal, convenient, one-of-a-kind shopping experience with compelling products and world-class service. We help fulfill this mission by providing our employees with an engaging and inclusive workplace focused on teamwork, growth and respect.

We are seeking a highly motivated and experienced Digital Asset Manager to join us in our headquarters in Fremont, CA. This role reports to the Sr. Manager of Digital Production Systems, in the Marketing & Advertising Production group.


At its core, the Digital Asset Manager is responsible for bringing order to creative content chaos, using both enterprise-level tools and solid library management practices, designed against efficient workflows. Achieved thru the maintenance and management of various asset libraries – including but not limited to a custom-built photo and video production database, the internal DAM/MAM systems, and a front-end publishing repository – the role should strive to make content readily available to all major stakeholders in a timely fashion. The role is a marriage of skills sourced from technology, workflow efficiency, media production, and archival/librarian work. Capable candidates will develop and maintain best processes and practices for all levels of asset engagement across the entire Tailored Brands organization.


•Direct asset library management in multiple – often integrated – systems of live engagement

•Identify unique ways to organize and manage the entire digital asset life cycle

•Design, implement and maintain metadata schemas that reflect the true needs of the business

•Processes raw imagery and footage using the appropriate software for post-production prepartion

•Archives management and asset cataloging

•Auditing, monitoring, and reporting on asset rights/usage/restrictions and compliance

•Live creative and photo/video production operational support in asset creation workflows

•Facilitate support of internal and external content contributors, across the omni-channel marketing experience

•Maintain and troubleshoot ecommerce site imagery and publishing efforts

•Maintain clean and reliable data; database management relevant to media

•Explain how, and measure ROI with every project, collection and asset we add to the DAM

•Serve as the lead for user support in asset/content creation, trafficking and requests

•Create, maintain and streamline workflows for the use of assets in all relevant systems

•Develop and document protocol for downloading, renaming, backing up, rating, grouping, archiving, optimizing, maintaining and exporting all files.

•Weekly, monthly, quarter and annual reporting on the progress/status of the asset management efforts, including but not limited to – measured output, growth projections, and asset life cycle – while addressing

•Drive the progress, growth and maturity of our asset management practices.

•Develop role-specific user training programs pertinent to all asset management systems

•Author production, distribution, and archive retention policies

•Cross-Functional Collaboration for content creation, selection and sourcing.

•Maintain industry knowledge on current solutions available, asset management trends, and general (industry) media production trends.

•Collaborate with System Support Managers in Digital Production Systems to resolve all system-based issues

•Listen, learn and adapt to changes in the business needs of the organization

•Supervise and delegate to the Digital Asset Specialist(s) as needed, to facilitate all asset management requirements

Skills, Abilities, Experience & Qualifications

•BA/BS in Media Studies, CS/IS, or Library Science
•4+ Years in Marketing/Creative Operations/Production Environments
•Proven success in previous production support environments with asset management, utilizing enterprise-level solutions.
•SAAS content administration experience
•Technical inclination towards software and hardware solutions
•Strongest candidates will have specific experience with:
    a)NorthPlains NEXT or XINET
    b)Adobe AEM/Adobe S7
    c)Custom Database Builds
    d)RAW photo/video production
    e)Capture One Pro
    f)Da Vinci Resolve
    g)Adobe CC Suite
Work Environment, Physical & Mental Demands

•Ability to work at least 40 hours per week from the Company’s Fremont, California corporate office, with some flexibility based on project needs
•Occasional travel for conferences, training, and non-Fremont campus projects
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