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Taxonomy and Metadata Design

March 25 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm CET


A core part of a knowledge management or content management plan is an integrated taxonomy and metadata strategy. Content that is tagged with metadata, supported by a taxonomy, becomes more manageable, findable, discoverable, and sharable. Metadata is broader than a taxonomy, but a taxonomy is deeper than metadata alone.

Taxonomies and descriptive metadata should be designed in combination. Taxonomies and metadata also need to be designed to best represent the unique content set and its particular users. A licensed taxonomy from an external source is rarely appropriate. This one-day seminar provides the basics in best practices for designing and building a taxonomy and a broader descriptive metadata schema that supports findability and discoverability.

This seminar considers all implementation of metadata and taxonomies, whether for internal/enterprise knowledge management or for customer-facing Web content management, whether for manual or auto-tagging, and whether in a content management system, document management system, digital asset management system, SharePoint, or an internally developed database.
What you will learn

The types, benefits, uses of taxonomies
How to determine what kind of taxonomy is right for your implementation
What resources to use in developing a taxonomy
How to design a set of metadata properties that will be appropriately usable and useful
How to develop taxonomy terms/metadata values and synonyms that best serve the users
How to correctly structure hierarchical relationships between taxonomy terms
How to design a faceted taxonomy with consideration of the user interface
What should be included in a taxonomy/metadata governance plan
What software tools are available for taxonomy management

Main Topics

Metadata and controlled vocabulary definitions, types, uses, and standards
Tagging and categorizing
Planning and design of metadata and taxonomy
Developing terms, synonyms, and hierarchical relationships
Taxonomy structural design: hierarchical and faceted
Taxonomy implementations, displays, search integration, multilingual options, and interoperability • Taxonomy management software


March 25
9:30 am - 5:00 pm


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Education (no commercial agenda)
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