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COEx | Photo Studio Ops

Tuesday March 3rd - Wednesday March 4th, 2020
IEN’s COEx Photo Studio Ops is the only event totally focused on photo studio operations at in-house agencies. You’ll gain not only key insights to boost the output of your studio, but also experience invaluable networking time with other brands sharing your pain points. Our amazing speaking faculty presents views from a variety of brands and industries to give you new ideas and take-aways you can use immediately.

Key Topics Will Include:

  • Managing pre-production including sample management and tracking, developing and updating style guides, and the importance of PIM
  • Keeping pace with increases in volume and the cyclical variability—the pros and cons of in-house, outsourced, and how to get the best of both
  • Studio organization including physical workflows and design—find out how others are retooling both for greater efficiency and increased throughput
  • Sourcing freelance talent, managing a large pool of freelancers, the legal and financial tools to help you along the way. Plus, how to keep your FTE engaged, working cross-functionally, and promoting from within your ranks.
  • Internal ROIs, data and reporting, and the financial justification for your studio—hear from others about what they’re measuring, the process and methodology they’re employing to do so, and how it’s benefiting their studios
  • Wrangling post-production to save time and money—asset retention, distribution, and even re-purposing, along with retouching, image editing, and the how and when of working with external partners
  • Your studio’s leading edge—GIFs, stop-motion photography, product video, and producing content for the fuzzy line between product and editorial content
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