Current Location: Americas

Willing to work in: Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Middle East

Work location details:

Start Date: 2014-09-02

Job Level: Manager

Job Type: Manager, Supervisor, Metadata Editor, DAM System Designer, Integrator, Developer

Job Contract: Full-time, Contract, Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: 10+ years

DAM skills: DAM software installation, DAM software configuration, DAM software training, DAM software administration, DAM software use, Metadata schema design, Automated workflow design, DAM policy design, Development (HTML, CSS), Development (JavaScript, JQuery), Development (other)

DAM software experience: FotoWare

Experience (Other): WordPress, PHP MySQL


I have worked in 9 countries (France, UK, Holland, Italy, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guinea, Gabon) on 3 different continents in 2 different languages for various missions. I had the chance to master 3 essential aspects for this position.

Management: I started my first venture at the age of 19. At 25 I was managing 60 employees. I followed Management classes early on and it helped me to be a people person.

Computer skills is a gift and also a curse. I found computers very easy to work with even though I spent countless hours of sweat and tears from the age of 13. My first company was creating custom software in various fields. I was able to learn and master the way an organization work. From the smallest pizzeria accounting system to a major bank online refinancing database I learnt how to address CEOs and interns and gather the pith and marrow.

The love for Photography was rewarded by being published in magazines worldwide by 2 exhibitions and learnt fashion photography.

These three components help me to get the big picture, having a global vision. I know how to pass my ideas along and help the team to achieve their goals by making their life easier.


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