Current Location: Europe

Willing to work in: Europe, North America

Work location details: Northampton, Midlands, UK

Start Date: 2013-12-01

Job Level: Manager

Job Type: Manager, Supervisor, Integrator

Job Contract: Full-time, Contract, Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: 1 – 2 years

DAM skills: DAM software installation, DAM software configuration, DAM software training, DAM software administration, DAM software use, Taxonomy design, Metadata schema design, Automated workflow design, DAM policy design, Business process design, Development (HTML, CSS), Development (other)

DAM software experience: FotoWare

Experience (Other): Tag CMD, Mediabin


In late 2012 Tesco decided to create a DAM system and invited Eva to work as a team leader in the digital asset management team at Tesco’s in-house creative agency. She has made a significant contribution in the building and running of the Tesco Asset Library. This has included project development, system improvements, content collection, copyright clearance, training and managing users.

She has been heavily involved with technical developments, implementing workflows and making this online hub the main source for imagery across the company. Her team provides a backbone for collecting and processing images from creative agencies, stock libraries and from the in-house studio. As the system is constantly growing she has to face new challenges on a daily basis to provide viable solutions across all areas of the business.

In order to promote the system Eva pioneered a newsletter which she has been managing ever since. This has proved very successful, increasing awareness of the service and generating positive feedback from all levels of the business. She was tasked with maintaining all stock library accounts for Tesco making her the vital link between the company and external image suppliers. Her account management responsibilities include user support, negotiating agreements, customizing accounts and looking after the licensing of rights-managed photography.

The job also involves financial reports, cost centre recharges, representing savings and managing purchase orders. Working closely with creatives and creative agencies she can make use of her design skills while her project management training and extensive technical knowledge comes in useful to deal with the challenges of maintaining a digital asset management system containing tens of thousands of assets.


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