Current Location: Americas

Willing to work in: North America

Work location details: United States/Texas

Start Date: 2014-06-01

Job Level: Internship

Job Type: User, Supervisor, Librarian/Information Pro, Metadata Editor, Trainer, Integrator

Job Contract: Full-time, Contract, Internship (unpaid), Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: Less than a year

DAM skills: Development (HTML, CSS), Development (Java)

DAM software experience: No DAM software experience

Experience (Other): None

Summary: I am completely new to the DAM field and am interested in learning more and growing my skills. Currently, I am a graduate student working on a master’s degree in library and information science with an emphasis on information organization.

I believe that proper data organization combined with a sufficient amount of metadata is key to accessibility. This ideology comes from my own professional experience in the broadcasting field where it was my responsibility to help keep the video and script archives at various affiliate television stations.

My personal frustration with outdated data management practices inspired me to discover better methodologies of data organization as they exist in the digital world. I am hoping that once I achieve a master’s degree next year to find employment within the digital asset management field, hopefully working with audiovisual or multimedia materials.


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