Current Location: Europe

Willing to work in: Europe

Work location details: United Kingdom

Start Date: 2013-11-01

Job Level: Individual

Job Type: Manager, Administrator, Librarian/Information Pro, Metadata Editor

Job Contract: Full-time, Contract, Work at office

Years working in DAM: Less than a year

DAM skills: DAM software use, Taxonomy design, Metadata schema design, DAM policy design, Business process design

DAM software experience: MediaBeacon, Nuxeo

Experience (Other): None

Summary: Having recently completed an M.A. in Digital Asset Management (DAM) from King’s College London, I have significant expertise and interest in areas of digital asset management, digital curation, digital preservation, and open data.

Through my studies and employment (paid and voluntary) I have developed considerable competencies with diverse DAM, open data, curation, information management, and preservation approaches, standards, and methods. These include: Dublin Core, METS, MODS, and PREMIS metadata, the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), the Records Continuum model, the DCC Curation Lifecycle model, and Resource Description Framework (RDF). I likewise have competencies with XML, Notation 3 linked data, OCR and digitization processes, Media Asset Management (MAM), user-centered design approaches, file formats, selection and appraisal methods, cloud computing, crowdsourcing, N-Tier Architecture, Digital Repository Audit Method Based On Risk Assessment (DRAMBORA), digital content modeling (specifically of books), and digital representation of material culture.

My recent employment as an assistant consultant with a London-based digital consultancy has advanced my DAM experience beyond my degree work. In this position I contributed to the digital preservation strategy for a regional alliance of museums in England. I maintained a strong role advising on preservation approaches and content management systems, building and maintaining remote and face-to-face engagement, developing digital curation strategies, and drafting reports. I similarly gained recent experience as a research intern at a London-based not-for-profit body, where I strengthened my skills with and understanding of information management and open data policy, particularly from the aspect of engendering participation.


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