Current Location: Americas

Willing to work in: North America

Work location details: Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston

Start Date: 2013-10-07

Job Level: Individual

Job Type: Manager, Administrator, Supervisor

Job Contract: Full-time, Contract, Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: 10+ years

DAM skills: DAM software training, DAM software administration, DAM software use, Taxonomy design, Metadata schema design, DAM policy design, Business process design

DAM software experience: Cumulus, MediaBeacon, Portfolio, Xinet

Experience (Other): None

Summary: I have been involved in the recommendation, research, selection, implementation and end user training at four advertising agencies. I have engaged with key stakeholders to ensure the solution is appropriate for their requirements, collaborated with IT on the installation and configuration of the DAM systems, developed the metadata schema, workflow processes and end user training. I’ve worked with internal end users, as well as, external clients, both domestic and international. I am an advocate for the use of DAM systems and work towards introducing the discipline, and value, to companies not yet familiar with digital asset management.


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