Current Location: Americas

Willing to work in: North America

Work location details: Southeast Minnesota (Rochester area)

Start Date: 2013-10-13

Job Level: Individual

Job Type: Librarian/Information Pro, Metadata Editor, Trainer

Job Contract: Full-time, Part-time, Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: 10+ years

DAM skills: DAM software training, DAM software administration, DAM software use, Taxonomy design, Metadata schema design, Development (HTML, CSS)

DAM software experience: Other

Experience (Other): I’ve worked on two teams to design and develop in-house DAM systems for media companies. I am familiar with several commercial DAM systems from ongoing research.


— Digital asset management

— Content management

— Metadata standards for structured and unstructured information

— Taxonomies and other forms of information classification

— Requirements analysis

— Project Management

— User and reference documentation, including user training manuals and classroom training materials

— Open source software advocacy (Linux, ImageMagick, Sphinxsearch, MySQL)

— Interface usability

— User support

Summary:  My professional focus is digital asset management and content management. I apply cataloging and information management skills to organize multimedia assets and metadata.

I have experience with information management, database design, training and documentation. After earning a Masters degree in Library and Information Science, I began my career with academic and medical library cataloging. I then moved into digital content creation and management, first in an academic setting and then in a variety of corporate arenas including telecommunications and engineering.

For over ten years I worked in the media industry (newspaper content syndication, magazine publishing, video/TV). It was in that arena that I expanded my skills in DAM system design and implementation, working on programming teams to build two systems that included asset management and custom search capability.

While I have a strong technical background, my focus is always on customer service, not technology for its own sake. I see my role as a bridge between information and the people who need it.

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