Current Location: Europe

Willing to work in: Europe, North America

Work location details:

Start Date: 2013-12-15

Job Level: Manager

Job Type: Manager, Administrator, Supervisor, Trainer, Integrator

Job Contract: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Work at office, Work remotely

Years working in DAM: 10+ years

DAM skills: DAM software installation, DAM software configuration, DAM software training, DAM software administration, DAM software use, Taxonomy design, Metadata schema design, Automated workflow design, DAM policy design, Business process design, Development (HTML, CSS)

DAM software experience: Cumulus, MediaBeacon, Vyre (On Brand), Widen

Experience (Other): Also used OpenText DAM

Summary: I am a veteran of the Digital Asset Management arena working in the field since 2000. I have worked with both print and digital publishing and brand management for an international broadcaster and publisher, and currently work within a global e-commerce company managing content platforms related creative asset lifecycle, involving website publishing, print publishing, content management and maintenance of a business taxonomy. I am a regular speaker globally at DAM conferences, as well as contributor and on the editorial board of the Journal of Digital Media Management. I also lecture at university for the Masters in Digital asset and media management at KCL.


Excellent knowledge of digital asset and content management solutions globally, and how they can both save and make businesses money. Proven people skills, from communicating to multi level stakeholders, implementing change and change management, end user expectations, team management, and financial negotiations.

Experienced in procurement of systems, working with and presenting solutions to high level executive teams, end users, and creative content contributors. Experience of the full digital lifecycle process, from creation of content, to ingestion of material to a DAM system, to publication, preservation, and syndication of content. Understanding of the importance of brand management and ensuring a consistent global message is delivered via central systems.

Able to champion systems, both internally to users on both a group and 1-1 basis, and externally through presentations, published articles, and conference speeches, showing with confidence how a good DAM system can ensure business efficiencies and good practice. Good knowledge of copyright law and adept at rights negotiations with contributors and external agencies. Sales and business knowledge, understanding financial working and the need for more efficiency and cost cuttings.

Long term experience of both digital and print solutions, and how a central system can deliver content globally ensuring a consistent marketing message. Ability to create business centric taxonomies and drive metadata use from content creation through to archival of that content. Knowledge of preservation and curation best practice for digital assets, as well as the digital lifecycle of content.

I am seeking the opportunity to take my skills and help a business drive through a new DAM solution, or to help revitalise an existing one that may be feeling a little neglected. I have the ability to work in commercial, heritage, or the educational sector, having had experience in all three. I enjoy the challenge involved in the business change and transformation that a DAM solution can bring.


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