Guru Talk: Angie Taylor – Primrose Schools

Angie-TaylorAngie is brand new to the digital asset management industry, but armed with her recent certification in digital asset management, from The DAM Foundation, she already knows one important truth: DAM is a strategy.

What companies/organizations have you worked for as a DAM professional? What was your role at each?

I am currently the Marketing Coordinator at Primrose School Franchising Company. I received Digital Asset Management certification this May from The DAM Foundation and have been researching DAM platforms seriously for the past couple of months. Our marketing department is considering implementing a Digital Asset Management platform and strategy within our department that I would like to see scale up to benefit the entire company down the road. So, I’m in a very initial/beginner’s mode with DAM.

How do you describe digital asset management to others?

DAM is a strategy before its culmination in a platform of any kind. It is a great way to organize and implement strategic vision for any company.

How did you learn DAM? Any recommended sources?

I would highly recommend The DAM Foundation for anyone seeking certification or education about Digital Asset Management. There are two books that I’ve pored over that I would recommend as well: Digital Asset Management, Second Edition 2016 by Elizabeth Keathley and DAM Survival Guide – Digital Asset Management Initiative Planning by David Diamond.

If you weren’t doing DAM as a career, what would you be doing?

I would either be teaching private music lessons from home or working in accounting.

What is your vision for DAM? What will it look like in 5 years?

I would love to see DAM become THE central repository for every aspect of our company. For example, the operations department is implementing a system that lists FF&E for all of our schools in the franchising system, along with all of our operational policies and procedures. Also, our franchising department works with a system that allows them to connect to potential franchise owners and gives them a pipeline view of how these potential partners are tracking within our qualification process. These are just two examples I believe could be incorporated into a DAM strategy to help our company work a lot more efficiently in the future.

What more would you like to learn about DAM?

I would like to learn everything I can about Digital Asset Management and, especially, the future impact of DAM on business.

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Guru Call: Germany

gm-lgflagLooking for a Digital Librarian and/or Digital Asset Management professional in Germany. DGP member is seeking to fill a 6 month contract (on-site 3 days a week) with a Pharma company.

Company needs to manage the marketing content, in a regulated environment. Ability to speak to speak Germany and English very important.

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Guru Call: USA

USA FlagLooking for a Guru in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Member is seeking answers to questions about a specific digital asset management system provided by North Plains.

DGP member’s inquiry is about North Plains’ product called On Brand. They are looking to speak to those who have experience with this product.

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New DAM Events Calendar

DAM Guru Program has launched a free DAM events calendar to offer the global community a one-stop portal to find events, meetups, expos and conferences for:

  • Digital asset management
  • Content management
  • Library and information sciences

Anyone can post a new event. All event submissions are moderated for suitability and accuracy before they’re added to the calendar.

As a bonus for DAM Guru Program members, the program will promote DGP member participation in events for free. So, for example, though a given conference might be listed only once in the calendar, DAM Guru Program will repeatedly promote across its social channels any talks, presentations or panel discussions that involve members.

The calendar is available at:

New DAM Book: Metadata for Content Management

Metadata for Content Management book cover

Metadata for Content Management by David Diamond

DAM Guru Program creator, David Diamond, has released a new book entitled, Metadata for Content Management. It’s David’s first book release since DAM Survival Guide, back in 2012.

Metadata for Content Management helps digital content managers design better content organization strategies, and envision and deploy creative ways in which metadata, taxonomy, policy and workflow can be used to make digital content systems more usable, functional and valuable to users.

(In case you’re wondering, the people on the cover are David’s parents.)

You can learn more about the book and see a table of contents at David’s book website. You can buy it now on Amazon.

Guru Call: UK

Member is seeking assistance in finding a UK-based company that provides metadata/asset management support services, as a managed service under contract.

DGP member would like to be able to upload raw assets and have a third-party review them, fix or add metadata tags, including selecting appropriate terms from a controlled vocabulary, maintaining the controlled vocabulary, and then approving the asset.




Guru Call: India

India FlagLooking for a Guru in India/Asia region.  DGP member is seeking knowledge about SaaS DAM options including Percolate, Bynder, North Plains, Thron and looking to get views from existing users on their selection process.

Member would like to request for a 15 minutes phone/video call with DAM experts to help get thoughts.

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David Diamond to Speak at West Michigan Content Strategy Group

David Diamond

On June 01, 2016 The West Michigan Content Strategy Group will host DAM Guru Program creator David Diamond for “Digital Content Findability Strategies.” Diamond will be discussing topics from his forthcoming book, “Taxonomy and Metadata Design for Digital Content Management.”

Free copies of Diamond’s previous DAM book DAM Survival Guide will be sent to attendees, sponsored by Picturepark. (Picturepark also sponsors DAM Guru Program.)

The West Michigan Content Strategy Group is a DAM Meetup that focuses on breaking down the professional silos found in all categories related to content.

Guru Call: USA

USA FlagDAM Guru member is seeking to speak with other DAM Guru members who currently use Saepio, Pica9, Brandmaker, Brandworkz and/or Bynder as a DAM solution.

DGP member’s company is considering a new DAM vendor in 2017.

Available DAM Guru members who are able to provide insights on any of these DAM solutions should reach out to their program manager for more details.

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Guru Call: USA

USA FlagDAM Guru Program member is looking for a Guru in Atlanta, Georgia. Member is needing to write the policies for use with current digital asset management system.

Member is interested in the DAM resources that can assist with this.

Available DAM Guru members who are able to help may reach out to their program manager for more details.

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