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Win a $100 gift card from Amazon, courtesy of Picturepark and DAM Guru Program.To celebrate DAM Guru Program’s first 100 members, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $100 Amazon gift card, courtesy of DAM Guru Program sponsor, Picturepark DAM.

You don’t need to be a DAM Guru Program member to enter, and please note that being a member does not automatically enter you for the drawing.

This contest has concluded and we have a winner!

Guru Call: USA

Looking for a Guru in USA, OH.  Newbie is seeking information on integration with merchandising and marketing processes. Additionally, seeking out a vendor who can satisfy company needs from creation through publication. Any other advice on RFTs, Gartner reports and MRMs is appreciated. Newbie speaks english.

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Learn Controlled Vocabularies

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Visit ControlledVocabulary.com for valuable DAM-related resources and a user forum with more than 1,000 members.

ControlledVocabulary.com is a wonderful resource where you can learn more about the art, science and benefits of using controlled vocabularies in DAM. In addition to a wealth of smart information written by site owner, David Riecks, ControlledVocabulary.com is also home to the Controlled Vocabulary Discussion Forum, in which more than 1,000 professionals from across the globe share ideas and information. Accounts are free and discussions are moderated, ensuring that the forum remains free of spam and other nonsense.

DAM Guru Program Launch

Picturepark Digital Asset Management Logo SmallWelcome to DAM Guru Program.

Picturepark offers DAM Guru Program in the spirit of building a stronger Digital Asset Management community. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the DAM software they use now, plan to use, or sell. All we ask is that members join DAM Guru Program with commercial-free, community-focused intentions at heart. Join any time, and leave when the time is right.

After nearly two decades of designing and funding projects intended to build and better local communities in Switzerland, India and elsewhere, Picturepark knows that a separation of human interest and commerce is essential when it comes to building trust. DAM Guru Program is about an open, honest exchange of information—nothing more.

Though we hope DAM Guru Program members will consider Picturepark DAM when making DAM software decisions, we will wait to hear from you. We will not contact you based on your DAM Guru Program membership. You have our word on it.

In the meantime, please enjoy DAM Guru Program. And please let others know about the program too.

– Your friends at Picturepark

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